What is Jungle Robotics?

FIRST Robotics Team 3627, also known as Jungle Robotics, was founded in Sarasota County by several students who attended Pine View School. Since 2011, Jungle Robotics has been competing in the annual FIRST Robotics Competition. We currently have over 40 team members from all over Sarasota County, and 4 mentors who have taught us so much about robotics.

Each year, FIRST releases a new and unique game that challenges FIRST Robotics teams from all over the world to create a robot to compete in this game. Over a small period of time, teams work intensively to design, build and test a robot for the competition.

In 2015-2016, our robotics team got the chance to compete in the World's Competition. Along with that, we have won several awards in the past, including the Chairman's Award, which is given to teams who leave a great impact on their community, the Creativity Award, and the Judge's Award.

However, we do not just focus on building robots, we also focus on inspiring others and educating others about STEM. A few goals of our team, alongside building robots, are to spread a shared interest of STEM in our community and to encourage students to pursue careers in science and technology.

Our Mentors

Without the mentors of our team, nothing would be possible, so our whole team is incredibly grateful for these amazing mentors. Our team's mentors work alongside our team members and guide them through the entire process of designing and building the robot.

Drew Wormington
Head Mentor
Amy Wormington
Jerry Mechaber

Our Team Captains

Each sub-team has a captain who is in charge of managing the work assigned to that sub-team. Captains work together with members who are part of their sub-team to meet several goals and accomplish tasks.

Hamza Memon
Team Captain

Max Friedland
Business Captain

Conner Vice
Mechanical Captain

Emre Muessemeyer
Software Captain

Lisa Zhang
CAD Captain

Kai Sprunger
Media Captain

Mia Ortlieb
Saftey/Spirit Captain

Anthony Donza
Facilities Captain