2021-2022 Season

In this game, there are two alliances – the Red Alliance and the Blue Alliance. Each alliance has three robotics teams that work together. The goal of the game is to score more points than the opposing alliance. At the beginning of the game, there is a 15-second-long period where robots must operate and score points autonomously. After this period, drivers are able to control the robots to make them score points. Robots can score points by collecting cargo and scoring them in either the upper hub (2 points) or the lower hub (1 point). Off to the side is the hangar, which has four rungs that robots can climb on and hang off to earn points. Each rung offers a different amount of points ranging from 4 to 15 points.

2021-2022 Robot: Spider Monkey

This robot, Spider Monkey, was built for the 2021-2022 First Robotics Competition: Rapid React. The robot has a conveyor that utilizes surgical tubing to bring in cargo that the robot can dump into the lower hub to score points. Spider Monkey has a pair of arms with hooks that are used to traverse across the hangar. It can make it all the way to the traversal rung at the very top of the hangar.